S4J Mfg: Luers/Luer Locks,
Miniature Quick Connects
"Precision, Reusable"

Luers Quick Connects Stopcocks
Luers Quick Connects Stopcocks
Manifolds Blood Pressure Miscellaneous
(Non-Luer/ Non-QC)
Manifolds Blood Pressure Miscellaneous  (Non-Luer/ Non-QC)

S4J specializes in the production of ultra precision components, reusable Luer Lock connectors, miniature Quick Connects/Disconnects, and miscellaneous adapters. Our products include, but are not limited to, Luer Fittings, Rotating Collar Male Luer Locks, Manifolds, Tuohy Borst adapters, Stopcocks, and Blood Pressure Connectors . We welcome Custom Manufacturing requests, including requests for special sizes, configurations, or materials.

Our mission is to manufacture the highest quality parts at a fair price with on-time delivery.