Mfg Day @ S4J

Students using Calipers Students using calipers at S4J
Learning about plating at S4J

Students learning about the electroless nickel plating process at S4J



In celebration of National Manufacturing Day, S4J partnered with The Foundation for Lee County Public Schools and the Southwest Regional Manufacturing Association (SRMA) to spread awareness to high school students of the opportunities available in the STEM fields.  S4J hosted students from Ida S. Baker High School, Cape Coral, giving them a tour of the facility and speaking about many of the potential jobs requiring STEM education in the manufacturing world. They learned how different machinery works, what the electroless nickel plating process entails, as well as seeing the video measuring system in action. The highlight of the tour, besides the pizza party, was when the students got hands on experience by measuring product with digital calipers.

Talking shop with students

S4J Manufacturing Services, Inc. specializes in the production of ultra precision components, reusable luer lock connecters, miniature quick connect/disconnects, and miscellaneous adapters. Our products include luer fittings, rotating collar male luer locks, manifolds, Tuohy Borst adapters, stopcocks, and blood pressure connectors. S4J welcomes custom manufacturing requests, including requests for special sizes, configurations, or materials.