Introducing New Series Stainless Steel Male Luer Locks

“Improved Aesthetically & Mechanically”

S4J Manufacturing is proud to introduce our new line of male Luer locks in stainless steel (type 316).  The new series is both aesthetically and mechanically improved over our original line of Stainless Steel Male Luer locks  (SSMLL’s).

Changes include:

  • The collar containing the Luer threads is now round (was hex)
  • There are no washout slots as these have not been included in any Luer specification since the ANSI Z70.1-1955
  • The collar is attached using fiber laser welding technology whereas our original series were silver brazed.

Benefit of laser welding:

  • Very little heat is generated so the black carbon buildup on the surfaces of our original SSMLL’s does not occur in the new series
  • The laser welded joint is more reliable than a brazed joint.
  • The new series collars are better aligned to the male Luer taper because we now press fit the collar then laser weld. With the original series, a gap of .002-.003” was required for the silver filler to flow through to the joint surfaces during the brazing process; this gap has allowed the collar to end slightly misaligned.

There is no plan at this time to obsolete any of the original series of SSMLL’s; however, we would encourage our current customers to consider evaluating the new series, since you would get an improved product for the same price. This holds true for new customers and new applications as well.

Series “SSALZ” (New)


Series “SSA” (Original)