Manufacturing Day Jan 2017

On Friday, January 20th, S4J hosted a Manufacturing Day event (a hurricane makeup day for last October 4th!), locally called STEM@Work, with students from the digital design program at Ida S. Baker High School (Cape Coral, FL).

The program began with a viewing of the “Made in Florida” video provided by FLATE ( and Florida Trade Advance Manufacturing (, which introduced the students to the various types of manufacturing occurring in Florida, as well as various job opportunities in this growing market.

Students then toured our facility, learning about the production of luer locks and miniature quick connects for the medical industry – from bar stock to finished good. The students were engaged and asked excellent questions. The visit concluded with a pizza party and pens that they laser engraved with their names.

Hopefully, the students walked away with the knowledge that there are many different jobs available in the manufacturing sector, including CNC programming, CNC setup, machine operation, CAD designing, inspection, as well as sales and marketing professionals among many others!

S4J Manufacturing Services, Inc. ( specializes in the production of ultra precision components, reusable luer lock connectors, miniature quick connects/disconnects, and miscellaneous adapters. Our products include, but are not limited to, Luer fittings, rotating collar male luer locks, manifolds, tuohy borst adapters, stopcocks, and blood pressure connectors. We welcome custom manufacturing requests, including requests for special sizes, configurations, or materials.



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